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When I was a junior I had a knee operation that was going to put me out of competition for over a year, and a few months after the operation I was struggling with my emotions.  This injury had devastated me to the point where it was affecting my everyday life… Dr. Lattimore was able to show me many different ways to help cope with the physical and emotional pain that I was going through, as well as set goals for my future that would help me on and off the field… Unfortunately, shortly after I returned to playing, I re-tore my knee and needed another operation. 


I can honestly say that if it was not for my meetings with Dr. Lattimore I do not know if I would have been able to fight through all of my injuries and get back on the field.  I specifically remember telling Dr. Lattimore that if I ever had to go through this recovery process again I would quit baseball.  She encouraged me to stick with it and trust the process... I continued to meet with her, discuss goals and ways to mentally improve my game, and sure enough I returned to play just in time for the start of season.

Tom Barry, USF baseball alum
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Our daughter warmed up to Diana right away. She trusted her and looked forward to her sessions each week. We were so pleased with how Diana helped her overcome her fears and mental blocks. The exercises that Diana recommended, such as visualizing the series and her events, helped our daughter tremendously. She uses the exercises every day at practice and before she goes to bed. Diana also helped her overcome many other obstacles along the way.

Her coach commented that she is working harder now and has more confidence. It has been a true pleasure working with Diana. She will miss talking to her each week. We will be sure to ask for more sessions if they are needed, and will recommend her to other parents and/or coaches.

[Mom], Level 7 Gymnast
cyclist on bike

Over the years, I've trained for various endurance events -- triathlons, centuries, marathons, and ultramarathons.  I've had the good fortune to work with Diana over the years.  Her visualization techniques and mental strategies have really helped me stay focused and reach my goals. 


I've also had to deal with a number injuries which have prevented me from doing the sports that I love.  With Diana's help, I've learned to work through the depression and keep myself positive while my body healed.  Thank you Dr. Lattimore!

Melissa Cheung,  Endurance Athlete