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About Diana

I was your typical college athlete - a member of a college sports team at a fairly small Division I school and my whole world was wrapped up in that sport. I had played other sports, but gymnastics came to define me. So, when I dislocated my elbow as a freshman, I really had no idea which way was up anymore. I was told it would be a six-week recovery.  Six Weeks?  Ugh! But some miscues by the ER doctor and some bad rehab advice from the surgeon left me with a non-functioning elbow and immobile for 13 months. Luckily, a year of follow-up surgeries and endless physical therapy did finally fix it.


Despite love and support from my family and teammates, no one knew how to help me deal with the fears, frustration, disappointment, & even depression that persisted. Recovery, rehab and building back my mental strength were hard and lonely, and that is ultimately why I now consult with athletes! 


I specialize in working with athletes who have lost their confidence, whether from an injury, fear of failure, or other sport specific fears. I believe I work best with athletes struggling with something in their sport. I help athletes become better, sharper and stronger as they learn to work with their doubts and overcome fears associated with sport. I also help minimize the emotional roller coaster during injury recovery in order to get you back in the game playing/competing at your best. 


I am currently an associate professor at USF, a certified mental performance consultant, a national rated gymnastics judge, and an athlete at heart! Since retiring from gymnastics, I have completed a handful of triathlons, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, stand up paddle board every chance I get, & chase after my almost 4 year old & 3 month old!

diana on crutches
diana at triathlon
Schooling and  Credentials
  • BS Psychology, Southeast Missouri State University

  • MS Exercise & Sport Science/Sports Psychology, The University of Memphis

  • PhD Exercise Science, The University of South Carolina

  • Certified Mental Performance Consultant, CMPC

“What you are thinking, what shape your mind is in, is what makes the biggest difference of all.”
–Willie Mays 
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