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My Services

My work is geared for helping athletes individually, assisting the entire team with specific mental performance strategies (i.e., goal setting, visualization, team building) to improve confidence and performance.  I also work with college athletic trainers to provide key strategies for maximizing the rehabilitation process for athletes who sustain a serious injury. 
Every individual session is a little different, depending on the reason you are here. If you’re coming in following an injury, we will first talk about how it happened, when it occurred, and where you are in your rehabilitation process.  From there we’ll begin to look at how the injury is impacting you – as an athlete and a person.  If you’ve lost your confidence, then we’ll begin by talking about your sport, what skill(s) you lack confidence in and what may be influencing that. Whatever you are struggling with we will work together to get you past the struggle and back to enjoying your sport again.
I like a relaxed atmosphere and as you are comfortable, we will dive in and get you feeling confident, strong and ready to play.    

I have face-to-face sessions in the San Francisco Bay Area and virtual sessions with athletes outside of the Bay area.

open water swimmer

Initial Consultation

Initial 15 minute phone consultation.


Individual Session


4 Session Package

10% discount/session.  All packages must be paid in full up front.


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baseball player
“Make sure your worst enemy doesn’t live between your own two ears.”
–Laird Hamilton 
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Team Workshops

Goal Setting




Combined Goal Setting and Visualization


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University Talks

Athletic Training Department Talk


Best practices when working with injured athletes (1 hour)

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